The new you

Wise (wo)men once told me that they don’t believe in the “new year, new you” but I am going to turn the tables this year. Beside the fact, the amazing feminist art e-zine Pink Circuit from USA just published my poetry feature at Pink Circuit vol. IV – I am going to focus more on working on my art. Also, earlier in the year the writing community The Ugly Writers: Eeva Maria Al-Khazaali: My name published that very new poem. This gone year I have been also featured in the Modelstopia magazine issue in editorial stories and The Rad Press Publishing Punk Youth magazine for my modeling. It’s been an incredible journey to be part of these magazines with their fresh issues coming out. I have felt appreciated and welcome to share my work.

I doubt I will be making much in modeling this year because I only can work with female photographers and I don’t know any in my region. Usually I do my own hair and make-up and just show up in my old clothes for pictures. This year this seems less like a priority. My main goal is to finalize the movie I WANT YOU and maybe go on publishing a book in Finnish and one in English. This latter I can’t yet promise to happen but things are looking good on that front.

I realize with the new law on the “active model” of the unemployed people (means they’ll cut my benefits if I don’t work for some money or join a trainee program in the time span of  3 months) I need to get a paying job also. This might be anything from working as a barista to working as a office assistant. I might even end up in working in a cinema, which would be in top of my list. This year I am also going to apply to schools: University for literature, vocal school for media, polytechnic for media and polytechnic for Business Administration in English. One of them should take me on but that we will know more of next summer.

But more so than ever, I am going to keep it together by writing daily. I know I am pretty chilled when it comes to keeping my words alive and like I yesterday wrote: make every word sparkle, so I have my journal I write to by hand and will start new projects. We will be making an all female monologue performance this year in this town, maybe a one-night-only and are having meetings to discuss on what should we be writing on. As my neighbor loudly works on his music producing career and I can hear every beat, it also brings back memories from those lost days in my past. Maybe I should enlighten you by posting some time about all the people I met or have lived with.

Ranting away from the topic, I believe I will be taking over my social media behavior, taking better quality photographs this year and maybe start thinking about a podcast or joining one. It would be great to have a poetry channel or join something like that on the make. So, if you have good tips on that, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the contact form or email me directly. Otherwise, I am good. I am only thinking months ahead of what should be posted online and what I should keep to myself. I am working on my dreams and realize I might have to travel to promote the film mentioned above. Ideally, I would be going to USA or England after the premier but it might be too soon. Definitely there has to be found a way for people to actually see our art house indie flick so promotion, distribution, management and marketing will also keep me quite busy especially once the film is ready and have been edited. The recording for the audio score will take place in the beginning of the year so quite soon I will be packing my stuff and going back to Maaninka, east of Finland, where I am originally from.

I will be posting separately about all the things that are not career orientated but since then this blog will most likely resemble a work journal I come to speak about what’s going on in that department. I am also tempted to try to write more poetic post but I don’t know if they interest the little readers I have. In Finnish it would be way easier to just publish poetry on daily basis but I think I have missed that train already a quite of couple a times. This will be a good way for me to keep thinking on and this year I will definitely think more ahead than ever before. I know I need to be more prepared on what’s coming and taking on every possibility by the bull’s horns.

I wish you all the best for 2018. Now we’re on the other side.



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