Pretty much 2017


The image is from an installation, accompanied by a random mannequin doll.

It has been quite the year: I have gotten married again, changed my surname to his, and moved cities. I have gotten great many new friends, filmed my debut movie and learned more about negotiation skills in meetings – and even visited London, Madrid and Berlin in the beginning of the year to learn business of export.

I have stopped blogging at my previous domain due to unforeseen technical issues and change of hearts at the domain headquarters. I have stopped being friends with some toxic people and I have stopped worrying about things that won’t happen,

I have waited a lot of news about my career and found a new group to cross-over in theater and writing. I have been published in various foreign magazines and am waiting to know more about my future as a writer.

This has been an interesting time for me. I have stopped doing many quirky loner type of art posts and stories due to the change of my domain but am looking into getting more on the photography side of things. I didn’t make it to media schools but will apply again, and so will I also apply to literature studies and business administration right on in the next year.

What will 2018 hold for me? Hopefully the movie will be completed and a new book (or even two) would come to the American book market or the Finnish one. I hope we will be holding all women’s monologue event in my new hometown and that I can strengthen the bond between myself and my new friends here. I also hope my husband gets his residence permission for Europe and we can finally take a holiday somewhere. Most likely it will be Barcelona we will be heading to – if everything goes right in the next couple of months time – even if I still am Californian dreaming…

Of course I want my movie to be seen by the target audience of film professionals, artists alike and other indie film inspired people. We are not making a DVD for sale, it looks like to me, but if you have any open slots for cool art festivals or know more about international museum screenings or could offer any advice – despite all the advice I have been given this far – I would be delighted by your ideas.

None knows what is going to happen in the future. I plan on waking up early and going to the launch party of the near-by cafeteria for cake and morning coffee but I might as well fall down the stairs before I even get there. But the main point is to have goals, dreams and work hard for all you want to achieve in life. It is also safe to say you have to start working now and not procrastinate any longer: you never know what might happen.


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